Welcome to CES

University of Arizona’s Corporate Engagement Services (CES) fosters partnerships between industry, UA faculty, researchers, and students across campus and disciplines.

UA researchers have world-class capabilities and access to facilities in aerospace, agriculture, defense, education, energy, healthcare, information, manufacturing, mining, transportation, water, and other industries.

Under the leadership of Stephen Fleming, with experience in startups, multinationals, private equity, and university-based economic development, including general partner of an early-stage venture capital firm, CES marshals resources to address industry needs. 

UA’s collaborative culture allows us to bring talent, experience, and creativity to every opportunity to help our external partners:

•Develop multi-disciplinary research initiatives across departments, schools, and colleges

•Create tailored corporate learning programs

•Access specialized instrumentation, facilities, and technical staff

•Identify student talent for experiential learning and recruitment

•Collaborate at dedicated research ground and incubator spaces

Not sure where to begin? Let’s start with a conversation.  Contact us.