Mission & Goals

Mission & Goals

Corporate Engagement Services seeks, evaluates, and develops opportunities across industries that align with the interests and expertise of both the UA and potential partners. Our mission is to offer best-in-class partnership service, with a streamlined and efficient experience for partners to access the depth and breadth of UA services, capabilities, and resources.

Why partner with UA?

Partnerships between UA and the private sector help support the research, discovery, innovations, and knowledge creation that ultimately drive economic growth and benefit society. Partnerships also provide educational and training opportunities for our local, regional, and global communities. Successful collaborations allow partners to meet their respective missions and goals. The result is the development and commercialization of technologies, goods, and services that neither partner could produce without the help of the other.

Our goals:

  • Support the missions of both industry and UA institutions
  • Grow relationships beyond transactional interactions to collaborations and alliances
  • Identify and address issues to produce timely and relevant research and development of the findings