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The University of Arizona’s mission is to improve the prospects and enrich the lives of the people of Arizona and the world through education, research, creative expression, and community and business partnerships.

Centuries ago, a university served as a scholarly storehouse to keep scholarship safe during the threatening medieval environment. During the 19th century, the Industrial Revolution led to an expanded role for the university as a competence factory, where students, faculty, and facilities worked together to create new knowledge, especially in agriculture, engineering, and the sciences. This model dominated the 20th century and led to an explosion in value creation.

Today, UA fulfills one of its fundamental responsibilities of a top-tier, 21st century, public research university as an innovation hub. Faculty, staff and students collaborate with public and private partners, entrepreneurs, investors, and other previously disconnected groups who otherwise might never meet.

Research Facilities & Centers

Core Facilities

The University of Arizona provides shared research resources called core facilities or cores—highly specialized testbed facilities available for faculty, students, and scientists in government and industry.

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Centers & Institutes

Centers and institutes facilitate interdisciplinary collaboration among researchers, government, and industry, as well as offer an opportunity for research to influence public policy and contribute to economic development.

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Tech Launch Arizona

Tech Launch Arizona puts UA inventions to work through the integration technology commercialization, industry collaboration, startup support, and the assets and activities of the Tech Parks.

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Tech Parks Arizona

Tech Parks Arizona creates the place, environment and interactive ground that generates, attracts and retains technology companies and talent in alignment with the research, mission and goals of the University of Arizona.

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