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UArizona has more industry-related research expenditures than any other academic institution in the state. We know how to work with you to solve your problems.

The industry team will help you connect with world-class researchers, find students, license technologies, use equipment & facilities, get startup support and more.

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Ask Student Engagement & Career Development to help you recruit talent.

Engage students on interdisciplinary capstones

Create an immersion learning, business consulting or experiential learning project.

Find niche students in 400+ clubs, from hobbies to professional groups.

Post full-time positions & internships.


Technologies, labs & other resources

Search commercializable technologies.

Talk to licensing professionals.

Ask dedicated Core Facilities staff to conduct experiments & analyze data.

Secure offices & built-to-suit labs

Find startup resources.

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Find experts at Knowledge Map.

Explore 100+ institutes and centers that solve wicked problems, influence public policy and contribute to economic development.

Join the Centers for Quantum Networks or Semiconductor Manufacturing; massive data handling & analysis tools unlike any cloud service; the biology-focused BIO5; WEST & WRRC for all things water; and more.